LaChanda Strait (Huff) is the creator of C Strait and A.S.L. Book Whale publishing.

Her passion for writing began when her seventh grade English teacher instructed the class to create their own poetry. She came into this world the last child of a single mother of six. Out of the six children she was the shy and quiet one. The truth be told, she was not just shy or quiet. She was so deep into her own mind that it felt hard to break out of her own silence. The bitter taste of not feeling loved and feeling alone disproportionately shaped her in her silence, but that day poetry became the tool to help her towards her freedom.



Although LaChanda Strait (Huff) started her writing journey in poetry, she has since written plays, screenplays, short stories, fiction, and children’s books (published). Her published children’s book focuses on teaching children lessons of inclusion. She believes that it is important that kids are taught early to love others and themselves for who they are despite their race, disabilities or differences.   


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